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Venice is All in Gold. Tomaso Buzzi: “Fantastic” Drawings 1948-1976

Tomaso Buzzi, Il Bucintoro in the Arsenale, Black ink (ballpoint pen) and felt-tip pen on paper, 150 x 190 mm, Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Among whims, views, phantasmagorias, popular festivals, ceremonies and concerts, hand drawn with pens, watercolors, markers, crayons, pencils, ink or charcoal on drawing paper, flying sheets or notebooks drawn live or remembered afterwards, as well as from the project sketches for the villa of the Marquis Taliani in Porta Metronia in Rome in 1952, the eclectic creativity of the Lombard architect emerges as volcanic, thanks to his special talent to assimilate and draw new inspiration from various artistic forms. The drawings and watercolors on display, coming from the collections of the Cini Foundation's Institute of Art History and from the refined Pieri Collection in Milan, compose a sort of memory map capable of describing, through the charm of compositional cuts and quick immediacy of the stroke, the different nuances of the thought of Tomaso Buzzi, agile draftsman able to camouflage his sign in multiple stylistic registers, sometimes borrowed from the ancient Venetian masters.

  1. Keywords: venice, fondazione giorgio cini, exhibitions, tomaso buzzi,