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The Milk of Dreams

59. International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia - The Milk of Dreams

The long-awaited 59. Venice Biennale draws inspiration from the magical world of Leonora Carrington (1917 - 2011) in which life is constantly reinvented through the kaleidoscope of the imagination and in which it is allowed to change, transform, become other than oneself, in the name of fluidity, identity, of human and non-human, of dreams and fragmentation. Symbolized by an omnipresent eye, the key themes of dream, identity, body and reflection cross the exhibition as a multicolored thread, which unravels between the Central Pavilion at the Giardini and the Arsenale and in the historic center of Venice, tracing the path of 213 artists from 58 countries and 1433 works on display. An epochal Edition that sees 5 countries present for the first time at the Art Biennale - Republic of Cameroon, Namibia, Nepal, Sultanate of Oman and Uganda - and the first participation with a pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of of Uzbekistan. Numerous Collateral Events admitted by the curator Cecilia Alemani and promoted by national and international non-profit organizations and institutions, are organized in numerous locations in the city of Venice and offer a vast overview of contributions and participations which make the pluralism of voices that characterize the entire exhibition even richer.

  1. Keywords: leonora carrington, venice biennale, art, exhibitions,, nozio business, giardini and arsenale, cecilia alemani, venice 2022