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Pietro Beretta. Jeux d’Amour

Artwork by Pietro Beretta

With the sudden death of his wife Annagret, in 2017, the artistic production of Pietro Beretta (Ascona, Canton Ticino, 1942) seems to be interrupted, but, after two years of silence, the artist creates a new series, exhibited at Jeux d'Amour. During a fruitful twenty-year partnership, Annagret Engelberger and Beretta proceeded in their artistic making as a "collective singularity" in these cultured Jeux d'Amour, of arts and crafts, under the banner of the encounter between life and art - as testify to the four original "African chairs" on display. The works of the new series draw inspiration from the artistic currents of the twentieth century, from the Fauves to Cubism, from Abstractionism to Art Brut and Pop art, from Nouveau Réalisme to Cracking Art, and are created using wooden boxes of fine wines as a support. Another series ironically tackles issues of recent history, today more relevant than ever, such as the conflict in Vietnam and the Cold War, animalism, ecology, pacifism and the denunciation of female infibulation in Africa.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions,, nozio business, pietro beretta, spazio san vidal, annagret engelberger