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À rebours. Miresi and Maurizio Radici

Miresi, L'occhio, 1992, Oil on canvas, 100 × 80 cm

Curated by Paolo De Grandis and Carlotta Scarpa, the exhibition organized by PDG Arte Communications starring Miresi and Maurizio Radici is inspired by the translation of the title À rebours in the meaning of "backward" and "countercurrent", ambivalence from which the exhibition itinerary that connects the works of Miresi and Radici poised between dark but strongly suggestive figurative choices up to abstract experiments where the colors explode in all their vigor. The works of Miresi and Radici dialogue by assonance and contrast aiming to create a narrative that can offer a new interpretation to their extensive artistic production. If in the Tintoretto Room the works overlap with different thematic and stylistic choices in the second room Maurizio Radici drew direct inspiration from the colors of Miresi to create a cycle of site specific works in perfect harmonic form with them.

  1. Keywords: scala contarini del bovolo, exhibitions, miresi,, nozio business, paolo de grandis, carlotta scarpa, pdg arte communications, maurizio radici