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Together We Stand!

Penzo+Fiore in collaborazione con Andrea Rosset e Federica Tommasi, Qualcosa tra lo zolfo e un capretta di latte, 2014

The artworks originally conceived for ArtVerona 2020 find space at the Michela Rizzo Gallery on the Giudecca Island, offering collectors and the public the opportunity to visit the “off-fair” stands. Born from a practical necessity, this exhibition aims to transform the fall imposed by contingency into the demonstration that a new impetus is possible following the paths of art, undertaking them with courage, trusting in them, in the hope that these paths will make us remain human and the possibility of looking beyond the fall, beyond this time, beyond the difficulty of the days it would take to land. Together we stand! wants to be a new form of collaboration between the three Venetian galleries that join forces in this delicate historical phase. Among the artists on display, Marignana Arte presents Giuseppe Adamo, Maurizio Donzelli, Serena Fineschi, Nancy Genn, Silvia Infranco, Giulio Malinverni, Quayola and Verónica Vázquez. Marina Bastianello Gallery exhibits the works of Matteo Attruia, Antonio Guiotto, Penzo + Fiore and Paolo Pretolani. Finally, Galleria Michela Rizzo exhibits the works of Alessandro Biggio, Lucio Pozzi, Silvano Tessarollo and Sophie Westerlind.

  1. Keywords: art, exhibitions,, marignana arte, michela rizzo gallery, marina bastianello gallery