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Stop Painting

Marco Cappelletti | Courtesy Fondazione Prada

The exhibition conceived by Peter Fischli (born in 1952) is made up of a plurality of narratives told by the artist himself in the first person, with a subjective tone. The exhibition kicks off on the ground floor of Ca 'Corner della Regina with a new site-specific work by the Swiss artist, a reduced-scale model of the entire project, a sort of "sculpture of a painting exhibition". The art work is accompanied by texts written by Fischli himself to illustrate each of the 10 sections of the exhibition which brings together over 110 works created by more than 80 artists, from Lucio Fontana to Piero Manzoni, from Francis Picabia to Niki de Saint Phalle, from Carla Accardia to Albert OehlenIl and many others. The exhibition itinerary continues on the first noble floor following a personal and idiosyncratic approach and avoiding presenting the works according to a simple chronological order, marked by a uniform and modernist-looking setting in stark contrast to the frescoes and decorations of the halls of the palace on the Grand Canal, thus acting as a counterpoint to the different artistic positions expressed against the pictorial language.

  1. Keywords: venice, fondazione prada, exhibitions,, nozio business, peter fischli