Venice Carnival 2020

Don’t miss the oldest festival in Venice! From the 8th to the 25th of February 2020 people will dress up in costumes and are masked to lose completely their identity!

Carnival in Venice enchants every traveler with a unique once in a lifetime experience. Live the intrigue of the XVIII century dressed up in a masked costume at a party inside one of the historic palazzi.

Many tourists come to the city to take part in this intriguing event, all dressed in fancy dress taking in the city’s magical scenery as they go. Be sure to wear your beautiful Venetian mask and see the city from behind your disguise. Have a look at the program !!!

Reserve your stay at Hotel Colombina and experience the Venetian Carnival 2020 "The Game, the Love and the Madness", an event that has for centuries illuminated the spirits of its participants, leaving them enchanted by all the charm, romance and mystery.