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Weaving Poetry

Giovannina Coinu and Eloisa Gobbo, A Diosa, 2020, 170 x 239 cm

With Weaving Poetry, D3082 returns to investigate the boundary between traditional practice and contemporary art, declined in research on textile art and in the work of artists, with an all-female creative team. Through a selection of textile works from the historical collections of Studio Pratha, together with works created for the event, gestures and artistic thought take shape, creating something unique and original: an expressive means aimed at contemporary art that draws on sources of a well-rooted artistic weaving tradition but open to new influences. As the series All you Need by Laura Lai takes shape from the contamination of the current of the Bauhaus style, revealing for the first time the soul of the work through the experimentation of the visible warp, a modality proposed by the artist also in other series, like Stairs (Giochi di Scale), Sardinian poetry echoes in the opera A Diosa, where the proposed patterns and forms trace the notes of the most famous love ballad in popular culture entitled Non Potho Reposare, whose intensity translates into vivacity of colors, generating an evocative chromatic triumph.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions,, nozio business, d3082 woman art venice, studio pratha, d3082 art space domus civica, laura lai