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To Bartleby

Davide Sgambaro, Parappapparaparapappappara, 2021 | © Alberta Pane Paris / Venezia and The Artist

The vegetal works of Marie Denis, the alienating installations, assembled with transitory materials and the photographs of Igor Eškinja, the works between sculpture and performance, between stillness and movement, between video and installation by Davide Sgambaro, the irony of Lucia Veronesi's artistic practice, in a perpetual becoming that visually echoes the words of Melville's writing (I would prefer not), Léonard Martin's atemporal narration, which flows osmotically between various media and eras, compose an evocative artistic ensemble on the border between techniques, concepts and forms. Between installation and photography, between canvas or performance, between sculpture and painting, the observers is continually challenged and invited to investigate the contingent nature of what they see, finding themself having to interpret an apparent and indiscernible ambivalence of languages and meanings.

  1. Keywords: lucia veronesi, igor eskinja, venice, exhibitions,, davide sgambaro, nozio business, galleria alberta pane, marie denis, léonard martin, herman melville