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THE CREATIVE ROOM See you, Tomorrow / Camera Oscura

Federica Zianni, Argo, 2020, Ferro legno e laccio emostatico, 170 x 30 x 20 cm | Courtesy No Title Gallery

See you, Tomorrow and Camera Oscura are the two exhibition chapters that close the group of 5 international collectives that gathered 63 creatives around different strategies to reinvent themselves and keep the creative flow active despite the obstacles imposed by exceptional times. See you, Tomorrow unfolds a curatorial narrative in which art is used as a tool of activism to address the main issues highlighted by the pandemic, such as the environmental crisis, domestic abuse and consumerism. Based on different media, the selected works are powerful responses to social, political and economic problems, supporting the possibility - and the urgency - of a better tomorrow, as well as inviting visitors to act individually to disseminate and prevent the issues exposed. Camera Oscura brings together artists who have immortalized through the lens of a camera the different ways in which they or others have faced isolation and restrictions, revealing a set of plural approaches, interests, points of view and interpretations, anything but flat and monotone. Alongside the double review of THE CREATIVE ROOM, the courtyard of Palazzo Donà Brusa hosts Argo by Federica Zianni, a work selected by a.topos Venice for the special prize of the We Art Open open call organized by No Title Gallery.

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