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Tapio Wirkkala at Venini and Toni Zuccheri at Venini. Two Exhibitions at Le Stanze del Vetro

Toni Zuccheri for Venini, Phoenix in polychrome glass and bronze, 1987 I Photo: Enrico Fiorese

The two strong personalities of Tapio Wirkkala and Toni Zuccheri contributed to characterize the production of the glassworks which, in those years of great transformation, not only knew how to propose new models without renouncing the use of color, but also managed to respond to the new needs of essentiality from the world of design. The first aspect was developed in particular with the work of Toni Zuccheri, to whom we owe the extraordinary series of poultry and poultry, which was soon joined by vases with intense colors and organic lines, inspired by the plant world. Since 1966, the Venini furnace also availed itself of the collaboration of the Finnish Tapio Wirkkala who, thanks to an experience in the world of Nordic glass at the Iittala manufacture, brought a new approach to the Venice Lagoon trying to combine his culture with Murano craftsmanship, achieving results specimens.

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