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Stanze / Rooms

Fineschi, Ingannare l'Attesa (Verde Veronese), 2019, Bic Crystal Pen on paper, 156 x 111 cm | Courtesy of Marignana Arte, Venice

Mats Bergquist, Bianco Valente, Serena Fineschi, Davide Quayola, Donatella Spaziani, Marco Maria Zanin, the six artists selected in consideration of their empathic sensitivity and two-by-two associates in the gallery spaces, unite their works, almost completely unpublished and some of which site-specific, to start a dialogue focused on the themes of individual and collective memory, the persistence of knowledge and the transformation of the image, the resistance of materials and the resilience of languages, in a lively semantic and iconographic coming and going that questions the categories of Western and Mediterranean visual history and culture.

  1. Keywords: donatella spaziani, mats bergquist, venice, bianco valente, marco maria zanin,, davide quayola, serena fineschi, exhibitions 2019, galleria marignana arte