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Spazialità Minima, An Ongoing Project

Spazialità Minima, An Ongoing Project by Francesco Barasciutti | Courtesy of IKONA VENEZIA

The study of light is one of the pillars on which Francesco Barasciutti, born in 1969, bases all his photographic practice, combining with the simplicity of the geometries built using paper tapes, the only objects that occupy the space, which shape it as with their presence they create angles, concavities, constructions that modify the dazzling white background on which they are presented. The exhibition Minimal Spatiality, an Ongoing Project reflects on the changeability of the element that illuminates objects, creates shadows, enhances colors, flattens surfaces and opens doors to other dimensions.

  1. Keywords: venice, photography, ikona gallery, exhibitions,, francesco barasciutti