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Share Happiness – Tribute to Frankenstein

Share Happiness - Tribute to Frankenstein

The inaugural exhibition Share Happiness - Homage to Frankenstein hosts a selection of Venetian galleries, invited to present some of the works chosen from those of their artists, in tribute to the famous novel by Mary Shelley written between 1816 and 1817, still very topical today. Among the many interpretations of the work, beyond the dominant theme relating to the challenge of man, who positioning himself at the divine level must then respond to the creature he gave birth to, the novel is also an invitation to a profound reflection on the sense of human existence. The monster born of the experiments of Victor Frankenstein, after having stained with unspeakable crimes and having become aware of the death of its creator, at the end of the story disappears forever in the North seas, inconsolable in the face of his solitude and his despair.

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