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Seo Young Deok. Dystopia

Seo Young Deok, Stainless Chain, Series Anguish, 2018, 58 x 95 x 87 cm, 91 kg

Dystopia represents the metaphor of a place that is no longer dear to humans, a utopia on the contrary where man becomes a mere mechanism of a device that presses and crushes it. The exhibition focuses on the concepts of full and empty and refers to classical western culture along with oriental philosophies, staging, on the one hand, the symbols of the beauty of the form that remains and, on the other, the emptying of humanity struggling with an increasingly inhuman contemporary world. The works on display take up the dialogue between the different eras and cultures that have generated the same space that hosts the exhibition, composed and at the same time imprisoned by iron chains, Seo's creations explicitly evoke industrial technology and are translated through the recovery and reassembly of bicycle chains, in faces and figures.

  1. Keywords: contemporary art, venice,, chiesetta della misericordia, dystopia, exhibitions 2019, seo young deok, seo young deok. dystopia