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Rinaldo Invernizzi. Emerald. Anthracite. Cobalt

Rinaldo Invernizzi, Smeraldo 3, Oil on canvas, 110 × 110 cm I Photo: Gianluca Di Ioia

Emerald, anthracite and cobalt are the colors chosen by Rinaldo Invernizzi, an artist who lives and works on the shores of Lake Lugano, to compose a sort of chromed hymn to the much loved Venice on the occasion of its first exhibition in the Lagoon. The splendid Palazzo Martinengo located in the heart of the city frames the approximately twenty unpublished canvases painted in oil over the last year by Invernizzi. The exhibition, curated by Henry-Claude Cousseau (former Director of the Paris Academy of Fine Arts) and Andrea B. Del Guercio (formerly at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan), constitutes an exhibition and editorial project aimed at the international dimension of art of Venice in conjunction with the Biennale 2022, revealing to the public a renewed artistic production by Invernizzi, who after a long pause for reflection, punctuated by an incessant design work made of sketches and in-depth studies, resumed his "pictorial race" creating in just one year a cycle of works marked by the monochromatic dimension of three colors with an intense evocative power.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions, nozio business, rinaldo invernizzi, palazzo martinengo