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Pittura di Luce. Burano e i Suoi Pittori

Pittura di Luce. Burano e i suoi Pittori

On display the works born in the idyllic season for the painters who gravitated around the Island of Burano during the first decade of the 1900s, when the island itself became a place deeply connected with the Ca ’Pesaro avant-garde movement. Among those who were attracted by the fleeting natural paradise of Burano at the time, Gino Rossi, Arturo Martini, Ugo Valeri, Luigi Scopinich, Umberto Moggioli and also Felice Casorati and then Pio Semeghini, bewitched by the possibility of portraying en plein air the ethereal nature profuse of light, typical of the island, which miraculously reflected the effiimer beauty of a rare and coveted spiritual refuge.

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