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Over There, Outside

Jiri Hauschka, Over There, Outside | Courtesy Jiri Hauschka / GAD - Giudecca Art District

The exhibition, hosted within the Hydro space, is part of THE SPACE WE LIVE IN, a rich series of 15 exhibitions, talks, performances, curatorial projects, installations, launched by GAD starting from May 2021 involving and connecting the various expressive mediums of contemporary art with the study of architectural space, and represents the first opportunity to meet one of the most interesting contemporary artists who emerged from the panorama of the Czech Republic after the fall of the communist regime that had governed the country since end of the Second World War. Jiri Hauschka, born in 1965 in Šumperk, a town in Northern Moravia, draws from the landscapes of his youth, behind the mountains, among the great forests, far from the crowded inhabited centers, the elements that make up the emotional scenarios of his painting permeated by mysterious charm of the mystical and magical nature of the woods, from the dark atmosphere of the mists, from the colored lights of a nocturnal city, which describes a dreamy and poetically alienating universe held in balance only by a tenuous but constant human presence.

  1. Keywords:, nozio business, jiri hauschka, gad - giudecca art district