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Op.cit. | Courtesy of A plus A Gallery, Venice

The exhibition, created by the A plus A Gallery in collaboration with Edoardo Monti, offers the works of Paola Angelini, Luca De Angelis, Agnese Guido and Ella Walker, collecting them under the title of Op.cit., acronym referring in the texts to in-depth citations, which are linked to pre-existing works, helping to better contextualize a work. As with written texts, even in painting it is often possible to detect signs, atmospheres and choices at times expressly quoted, so it happens in the practice of the selected artists, who make use of pictorial figuration as a real narrative tool. Distant times, traditions, stories and tales does not simply mean reviving them, in fact, the concept of quotation implies that the historical object is uprooted from its context to re-propose it today, in an originally new form.

  1. Keywords: paola angelini, luca de angelis, painting, art, agnese guido,, a plus a gallery, edoardo monti, ella walker, op.cit.