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Marco Maria Zanin. Layers of Time in the Church of Saint Ag

Marco Maria Zanin, Chiesa di Sant’Agnese / Vecchi accessi, 2019, Fine art print on cotton paper, Diptych, 137.5 x 110 cm each | Courtesy of Casa dei Tre Oci

The exhibition at the Casa dei Tre Oci presents a selection of 13 large and medium format shots through which Marco Maria Zanin (Padua, 1983) interprets the physical and scenographic presence of the empty spaces of the Church of Saint Agnes in Padua, the next headquarters of the Foundation Alberto Peruzzo dedicated to art and culture projects. The Church of Saint Agnes, now deconsecrated, erected before 1202, constitutes a sort of scenic space which, in several phases of its existence, has acquired alternating identities: a place of worship since the Middle Ages, it was bombed during the Second World War and deconsecrated in 1947, transformed into a garage at the end of the Forties, which was in turn abandoned at the end of the Eighties, to fall in total abandonment until the beginning of the restoration work that will bring the ancient building to new life.

  1. Keywords: venice, marco maria zanin, photography, casa dei tre oci,, exhibitions 2020, alberto peruzzo foundation