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Island Ark. Inclusive Utopian Zone. Marcos Lutyens Solo Show

Marcos Lutyens, Island Ark | Courtesy of Galleria Alberta Pane, Venice

Videos, ceramic works, drawings, audio, 'inductive portals' and an interactive maquette invite visitors to the Alberta Pane Gallery to imagine their own utopian scenarios, through a platform that is at the same time the metaphor of a new housing approach, and a real physical intervention, able to cope with the loss of habitability that is occurring in entire island nations of the South Pacific due to sea level rise. From the Republic of the Maldives to the Kiribati and Tuvalu Islands, each island state is surrounded by an exclusive economic zone, an area of 200 miles around the islands, reserved for fishing, energy production and mineral rights that now risks failing, with Island Ark the artist aims to envisage an ambitious solution on a planetary scale that illustrates the possibility of configuring an Inclusive Utopian Zone (IUZ) for rescue.

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