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Giovanni Soccol. Presenza – Assenza

Giovanni Soccol, Labirinti d' invenzione XVI, 2016, Olio su tela, 40 x 30 cm | Courtesy of © Giovanni Soccol

A small but precious exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Soccol, a Venetian painter with a long and fruitful artistic life behind him who has experimented with different disciplines, from painting to set design, from architecture to cinematography, boasting masters such as Guido Cadorin, Mario Deluigi and Carlo Scarpa. The author of some famous pictorial cycles, such as the Islands, the Basilicas, the Cisterns, the Oil Tankers and the Labyrinths, exhibits at A Ca' Pesaro a suggestive selection of the most recent works: Theaters and Labyrinths of invention flanked by a great Tide full of hypnotic charm.

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