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Förg in Venice

Günther Förg, Untitled, 2007 |  © Estate Günther Förg, Suisse, Courtesy of Matthew B. Gorson

With Förg in Venice in the rooms of the Renaissance architecture of Palazzo Contarini Polignac materializes, thanks to the Dallas Museum of Art, the unfinished dream of the German artist (1952 - 2013) to exhibit at the Venice Art Biennale with a solo show. On display more than 30 emblematic works of Förg's multidisciplinary career - from paintings to sculptures - which offer different insights on the intuitive and wide-ranging methods of an intellectual and multifaceted artist, among the most significant of the post-war generation, known for his experimental and provocative style linked to the history of art. Its revolutionary interdisciplinary production has in fact challenged the boundaries between the artistic disciplines, exploring an abstract and expressionistic language, rich in metaphors borrowed from architecture and modern art, in particular from Italian architecture, a source of focal inspiration in the entire research of Förg.

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