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Ferdinando Scianna. Viaggio Racconto Memoria

Ferdinando Scianna, Processione dei Misteri del Venerdì Santo, Ciminna, 1964 | © Ferdinando Scianna

Civita Mostre e Musei and Civita Tre Venezie with the support of the Fondazione di Venezia dedicate a substantial anthological exhibition curated by Denis Curti, Paola Bergna and Alberto Bianda, art director, to the fifty-year career of Ferdinando Scianna (Bagheria, Sicily, 1943). The 180 works in black and white, divided into three main themes - Journey, Tale, Memory - as well as representing an opportunity to highlight the deep bond between the photographer and Venice, witnessed by the series of fashion images taken in the lagoon city, begins as an articulated story in images of the culture and traditions of Sicily, mythical land of the origins, to continue through the great universal themes of current events, war, travel and popular religiosity, interconnected components of a single incessant search for a form in the chaos of life, never abandoned by Scianna "photographer who writes".

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