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Feedback_Society, Florencia Brück, Javier Krasuk, Harro Schmidt

Conceived by GAD - Giudecca Art District and Isorropia Homegallery, the immersive installation by Florencia Brück, Javier Krasuk and Harro Schmidt for ARCHE-Architecture of the Universe projects the visitor into an infinite space that lives on the vision of being in the immediate future and self-perception of living in the past. The work consists of a fusion of analogue-digital monochromatic projections that portray a visual perception that transcends the physical limits of gravity, space, dimension and time, generating an infinite repetitive recurrence, constantly redefined by analog optical simulations altered by the presence of the spectator himself. The participatory experience deliberately created by the team of artists places the public as the subject of the work by opening a resonance chamber for selfies and social media activities for the #FeedbackSociety, in a historical context in which human interactions have been drastically reduced at a planetary level, the vision of the future arises from the introspection generated by isolation.

  1. Keywords: art, exhibitions,, nozio business, florencia brück, javier krasuk, harro schmidt, venice 2021, gad _ giudecca art district, isorropia homegallery, arche-architecture of the universe