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Drawing from Life: Tiepolo, Longhi, Guardi

Pietro Longhi (1701 - 1785), Painter on the Easel; Two Gentlemen in Bauta, Charcoal and white chalk, 300 x 440 mm, Inv. Cl. III, n. 437 | Provenance: Teodoro Correr, 1830

Part of the three collections of autographed drawings by Tiepolo, Longhi and Guardi, belonging to the Graphic Collection of the MUVE Foundation, is exceptionally exhibited at Ca 'Rezzonico. Unfinished drawings, studies and sketches from real sketched on rough paper, which thanks to its porosity still returns today the vibrant light of moments of real life immortalized by the three Venetian Masters of the eighteenth century. The sheets on display, restored thanks to Save Venice as a result of the damage suffered due to an indiscriminate prolonged exposure to light due to their notoriety, come from the Album of Drawings on Blue Paper by Giambattista Tiepolo, donated to the Museo Correr by the Trieste painter Lorenzo Gatteri in 1885, and from two workshop funds of Pietro Longhi and Francesco Guardi, purchased by their children by Teodoro Correr after the fall of the Serenissima Republic.

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