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Cen Long. The Light of the Stars

Cen Long, Siesta, 2021

In one of the historical places where at the time of the Serenissima there were the workshops of the artisans who finished the wool and silk fabrics to make the surface smooth (Manganeri) there are the fascinating painted canvases by Cen Long (Guangzhou, 1957) the artist who through his works relentlessly pursues the intention of giving us his very personal "guiding stars" for the era of modernity, "to help us recover hope and peace from the chaos and fury of our time". Curated by Metra Lin, the exhibition presents to the public a series of large canvases of pure painting, solid in construction and free in the fluid brushstrokes, which dissociate themselves from the imaginary of twentieth-century Chinese official art, rather evoking the Tuscan Renaissance, and putting in scene a sort of widespread spirituality which, although not directly connected to the styles of Christianity, transmits the content of expectation and illumination of a humanity without historical connotations and on the way, "men and women caught in the simplicity of a wish, under the starry sky; fishermen, shepherds, a formidable Maternity ".

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