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Carla Tolomeo & Fabrizio Plessi. Two Ways of Creating Art

Carla Tolomeo, The Roses Garden, 2019 | Courtesy of Galleria d’Arte Contini

The exhibition at the Contini Art Gallery celebrates the long and prolific careers of Tolomeo and Plessi by emphasizing the ability of the two Masters to shape, innovate and remodel their art by assimilating the tools and the ever-changing language of contemporary art. Both are united by the choice of an artistic support, a medium, which belongs to everyday life: the chair and the television. Tolomeo's creations take inspiration, just like Plessi, from nature but with a totally different vision that prefers a dreamlike and magical approach. On the one hand, Carla Tolomeo's sculpture-chairs express the ennobling of an object of everyday use, transformed into a sort of enigmatic artistic totem, and on the other, the combination of nature and digital that distinguishes Fabrizio Plessi's alchemical creativity, intends breaking down the barriers between technology and art by exploiting the communicative and sophisticated potential of the screen and the more poetic and emotional one of drawing, the true driving force behind his digital sculptures.

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