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Alessandra Beltrame. In Fabula

Alessandra Beltrame, Disco, Golden leather, gold thread and red thread | Courtesy of Alessandra Beltrame

Curated by Eraldo Mauro and Stefano Cecchetto for the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, the exhibition at Palazzetto Tito highlights the dual personality of Alessandra Beltrame, who, on the one hand, draws inspiration from the Venetian-Friulian tradition of domestic embroidery and, on the other, the elaborate Sangallo art of the famous lace. The works on display, consisting of a selection of the most disparate objects each covered by a golden skin sewn on them personally by the artist, which while remaining recognizable as such, acquire a disorienting homogeneity, which transfigures their real identity into a new identity fantastic, giving life to a disorientation within which a new language is formulated. Just "like in fairy tales, where the borderline between the real and the fantastic is thin and sinuous: what the skin contains really corresponds to what the artist describes or is it just a fiction of his?".

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