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A Point of View

Sanlorenzo, A point of view, Home by John Pawson

The exhibition at the Tre Oci, historic "house of photography" in Venice, promoted by Sanlorenzo, world-class shipyards in the production of yachts and superyachts, under the unmistakable sign of the English architect John Pawson, master in meticulous attention to detail, called to interpret the interiors of a new Sanlorenzo metal superyacht, told through design drawings and sketches presented for the first time in the exhibition. Structured in the two sections Sanlorenzo and Home, the exhibition is a real story of the designer's distinctive spatial poetry that rests firmly on two cornerstones, the perfect calibration between space, proportion, light and materials and the search for the essential by omitting the superfluous. Only when a project can no longer be improved by subtraction, the goal is achieved. These decisive themes, which he pursued continuously for forty years, become the leitmotif of a path that explores John Pawson's aesthetic vision through two parallel subjects: his own house and the new yacht designed for Sanlorenzo.

  1. Keywords: venice, exhibitions, casa dei tre oci, john pawson, sanlorenzo