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17. International Architecture Exhibition of Venice – Saudi National Pavilion. Accommodations

Hotel Al Yamamah, Riyadh | © National Archive of Historical Photographs, King Fahad National Library

The Saudi National Pavilion explores the theme of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, How Will We Live Together? through the lens of quarantine, both current and historical, presenting itself as an experimental exhibition rooted in archival research. Structured and conceived to invite moments of exploration, retrospection and analysis, the exhibition is composed of a multiplicity of spaces within a single space, developing into three sections that involve visitors in the discovery of the worlds of quarantine and their peculiar relational intertwining of inclusion and exclusion. The works of the three young architects Hussam Dakkak, Basmah Kaki and Hessa AlBader, working between Jeddah, London and Kuwait City, investigate how spatial envelopes evolve in response to external contexts, drawing new meanings from novel situations and redefining the relationship between the individual, the community and the other.

  1. Keywords:, nozio business, arsenale di venezia, basmah kaki, hussam dakkak, hessa albader, 17. international architecture exhibition of venice, saudi national pavilion